Droite or Dextra was Mr. Heartland's right-hand woman in the same position as Nistro, as well as being one of the committee members responsible for maintaining the World Duel Carnival. She was meant to keep a careful eye on Kite Tengo in the World duel carnival. In the english version, her name is Dextra. Her goal in the World duel carnival was to search for the 'Number'. In the TV series, she is aged 19.



Biography (Past)

When she was a young girl, Dextra and her friend Nistro were orphans in Spartan city, but found happiness in dueling. One night, they were picked up by Mr Heartland and were transported to Heartland City.

After a few years, Droite, Nistro and Kite were tested by Mr Heartland, who was atempting to find the next elite duelers. During the test of their dueling skills, Mr Heartland


Young Nistro and dextra

increased the robots powers, who went psycho and cornered Dextra. Kite summoned Daybreaker and defeated the machine, recieving a cut on his face during the attack. Dextra tried to thank him but he said that it was nothing.