Vector is a Barian that appears in the episodes. He fought against the other Barian Emperors and Yuma. He once worked with Don-Thousand but double crossed him and betrayed him. Vector's human form is a young boy called Ray Shadows. He attended Heartland academy with Yuma and his friends. Vector had many tragedy's in his Barian past.

Biography (Past)

Before he went to Earth, Vector lived in Barian world as a prince. When he was still a young boy, his father attacked other kingdoms and killed many barians. After some years, his father developed a sickness and Vector took the throne while the old king was sick. Vector lead peace and harmony to his kingdom and other kingdoms, but when his father heard of this, he argued with his son until finally, out of anger, his father drew out his sword and tried to kill Vector, but Vector's mother, who was in the dilemma, protected her son and was killed by her husband instead. Due to Vectors fathers illness and shock, he died shortly after his wife. Don Thousand then came and changed Vectors memories to make it look like he killed his own parents. Doing what his deceased father had done before him, Vector started terrorizing other kingdoms.


Vector is protected by his mother